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12V Bluetooth lifepo4 battery 20Ah,25Ah,40Ah,50Ah,60Ah,80Ah,100Ah,120Ah RS485


E&J Technology Group produce high quality 12V bluetooth lifepo4 battery pack build in BMS which support Bluetooth 4.0 and RS485/RS232 communication. The battery cells used on the battery packs can support 3C discharge and 10C peak and with 2000 cycles@80%DOD. The bluetooth communication can let the Android phone or Apple phone to read the battery status, battery health and other battery parameters like battery protection current, battery temperature, BMS temperature, and so on.

E&J Technology 12V bluetooth lifepo4 battery pack cover different capacity models from 1Ah to 500Ah, and most popular models are 12V 10Ah, 12V 20Ah, 12V 25Ah, 12V 30Ah, 12V 40Ah, 12V 50Ah, 12V 60Ah, 12V 75Ah, 12V 80Ah, 12V 95Ah, 12V 100Ah, 12V 110Ah, 12V 120Ah, 12V 150Ah, 12V 200Ah. Custom capacity and custom housing design are available.