• Product Name: E&J 12V 20AH waterproof lifepo4 battery for fishing and diving power
  • Subtitle:
  • 12V 20Ah Waterproof lifepo4 or LTO battery pack for the portable fishing and diving power.High quality design with super long cycle life li-fepo4 or LTO battery.Build in battery BMS to protect the battery pack under most safe application.Bluetooth BMS smart Battery pack which can display the battery cell performance well.



An easily portable, rugged case to withstand a
drop of water and even floats!
•In this smart case is a 12V 20AH battery terminals
with internal battery.
•Integrated fuses for the battery but also to the
12v connections.
•USB socket for charging mobile devices, light,
heating etc.
•Convenient connections for your engine (Quick
waterproof connector OR Anderson).
•Digital voltmeter.
•The batteries are equipped with BMS (Battery
Management System. This protection ensures
among other things that your battery will not
overcharge or over discharge, integrated

Optional Function: Bluetooth APP 4.0 Solution--Monitor the battery cells voltage, current, SOC, temperature.

• Longer service life: up to 2000 cycles(If using LTO battery solution, the cycle life of the LTO cell is more than 8000 cycles)
• Full capacity even at high speed discharge rates
• Fast charging without overheating and gassing
• Excellent life-span: service life up to 6 years
• Protection against overcharge and deep discharge
• Lighter weight: 70% lighter than standard lead acid batteries
• Ecologic: no acid, no lead, not-toxic substances
• Easy to use and to install
• Safest Li-Ion battery